Plant-Based Food for Healthy Hair Growth

I know many of us are killing ourselves to look like that woman in a shampoo commercial, and there are Photoshop effects we are not considering. But obviously, a lot goes into achieving such a look. And there is something the rest of us can do to give hair a little boost.

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Diet plays a significant role in healthy hair. Eating plant-based foods will help grow healthy and strong hair, plus, prevent hair loss.

Is a vegan diet the cause of hair loss?

Reports in the past linked vegan diet to increased hair loss, but inadequate nutrition is the real culprit here in the real sense. Several factors can lead to hair loss. Telogen effluvium is the second excessive form of hair loss. There are other factors that lead to hair loss include; physical trauma, hormonal changes, some forms of medication and nutritional deficiencies. It is true some vegans may become susceptible to telogen effluvium with poor nutrition. If your body is getting enough nutrients or your body fails to absorb nutrients, there is the risk of excessive shedding even with slight deficiencies.

Vegan foods that help hair growth

Are you feeling inspired to add plant-based foods in your diet? Here are a few plant-based whole foods beneficial to hair growth to get you started.


However you like eating seeds, they are a great addition to a plant-based diet. They contain the three nutrients your hair will love – vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc. You will get Omega-3 fatty acids to know to promote hair growth. A seed is a rich source of proteins, 100g of chia seeds, for example, contain 17g protein. Hair is largely keratin, a protein; no wonder proteins support healthy hair growth.


Nuts provide a good protein source, and you can easily add as a snack your daily routine. If you don’t like them raw, spread them to your bread in butter or blend with banana or dairy-free milk.

There is a close link between vitamin E and healthy and stronger hair said Dr Kiran Sethi; he attributed this fact to the increase in scalp circulation.


Lentils are very high in proteins and contain Zinc and biotin. Zinc helps tissue growth and repair, lowering the chances of hair loss, while the latter is linked to keratin infrastructure improvement. Biotin is known as a magic fix for luscious locks but taking extra won’t help unless you have a deficiency.


This leafy veggie is packed with nutrients and minerals such as Vitamin A and C, folate and iron. The latter is known for stimulating hair growth. If you are looking to boost iron intake, spinach servings do the trick.


Berries are incredibly loaded with antioxidants which are vitamin C linked to healthy hair growth. You can add berries to your smoothies, desserts or snack them as they are.

For strong and healthy hair, eating the correct diet is something you don’t want to overlook.

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