Top 5 Hair Trends We Have Seen in 2021 So Far

2020 was spent with the unexpected havocs. The varieties of hairstyles that existed were not rocked publicly as much as celebrities, stylists, fashion girls, and other people would love. Collected Reviews has a record of many hairstyles, updated and outdated. This is to create inspiration for hairstyles that can be adopted and get a new wave of hairstyle movement.

Online shopping sites have varieties of hairstyles that you can try on. However, there is more to styles than the colors and the good look. Some hair trends are to look controversial, in vogue, or incredibly beautiful. Below are a few hair trends evident since the start of 2021.

  1. Long and Sleek: the trend of sleek, shiny, long, and straight hairs has been all over the internet, especially on Instagram. Long and sleek hairs require skills with a curling iron. The goal is to maintain healthy yet beautiful hair. You can add a serum to your wet hair when you just get out of the shower, make your hair smooth and attractive right before your mirror. This trend has taken over the internet and the streets but more is yet to come.
  2. Easy Waves: this is mostly from women who ditch heat styling. It starts with a great cut, but the hairstylist may have laid a suitable foundation for the hair. The layers of the hair are made heavier from the ear which the stylist cuts into. The hair is allowed to dry and it’ll seem bulky. Some people make gentle knots to let it lose after which they wave it. The goal is the same, and the impeccable look is unmistakable.
  3. Chandelier Layers: you can add a bang if you don’t know what style to make out of your hair. You can pair them with long layers to have a seamless flow in concert with the contour of your face. With the bangs, your eyes are bright and lustrous. The bangs you weave into your hair could be cotton, part, or middle bangs. Your hairstylist knows what’s best for you.
  4. Curly Shag: some women are bought on embracing and exploring the natural options and textures of their hairs. The shag look is integrated into modern looks through the natural texture that makes it attractive and cool. Although curly girls may not try bangs, the cut for this style is flexible and can still be perfected through different mediums. To get curly hair, you can get something to keep your hair soft while it permits an amount of grip.
  5. The Mullet: you must’ve read and seen this before. Even Miley Cyrus rocked it. This hairstyle has short hairs at the front and sides but the hair is long at the back. It’s sometimes referred to as a party in the back, business in the front. The trend has a layer for short face-framing in the front and it is added to the back. You can style it with dry shampoo and take a break from the pretty-girl look you’ve always had.

These hairstyles already made trends in 2021. There are more hairstyles and there are creative ways to adopt the ones listed above into better ones. With different hairstyles in vogue, be ready for a year-long of amazing trends.

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