Guide on How to Get Waves

Among black men, waves are among the most common hairstyles. Most of them create, around their head, 360 wave patterns. Apart from waves creating a coveted look, achieving it cannot be a problem if appropriate steps are taken into consideration. Based on the texture of your hair, it takes several weeks for you to get waves. For you to achieve 360 waves, commitment, patience, and understanding the appropriate methods are important. In this article, some important facts about getting and maintaining waves are discussed.

Preparation of Hair

The first step to take into consideration is the preparation of your hair. If you are interested in getting the best result, this is essential since your scalp and hair will be in ideal condition. Any issue, i.e., dry scalp and dandruff, ought to be solved before starting.

You need to have the right haircut for you to get the perfect waves. Go to the barber and tell him that you are interested in getting waves. Though close cuts are recommended, they need not too short to the extent that your scalp can be seen.

It is recommended that you should train your hair; this is something that requires your daily commitments. You will be required to invest your time and money to achieve the best result. Without commitment and investment, it will be difficult for you to get your desired result. The commitment, in this case, is associated with training your waves, using the most appropriate shampoo to wash your hair, brushing and moisturizing your hair.

The Essence of Wave Caps in Achieving 360 Waves

After washing, brushing, and moisturizing your hair, the most important thing that you ought to do is to get a wave cap. Anyone interested in getting waves must be willing to wear wave caps. Some people consider wave cap to be anĀ afro hairs accessory. The wave caps are known for serving different purposes, including protecting the waves from different elements.

Some people may be wondering why wearing wave caps is essential. Some individuals suggest that wave caps ought to be always worn, though they need to be put on tight and nicely for about thirty minutes; this ought to be done after brushing the hair. At night, as you sleep, you need to wear wave caps since they assist in holding your hair waves in position.

The kind of wave caps you prefer wearing is up to you. Nevertheless, satin is recommended since it can assist in keeping moisture in and this prevents breakage. You can also choose wave caps made of polyester and velvet, though it is not easy to easy to find them. Regardless of the kind of wave caps that you choose to wear, ensure that brushing, and conditioning of the hair ought to be taken serious until the waves appear on your head.

Maintain Waves

After the waves have appeared on your head, the hard work is to maintain them. You must be dedicated to keep your waves. The following are some of things do as far as maintaining your waves is concerned:

Brushing: Brushing your waves is the simplest way to maintain them. After achieving the look that you are interested in, you need not to avoid brushing aspects. The brushing regimen ought to continue. While doing this, wave caps ought to be used to assist in keeping the hairstyle intact. For the waves to be intact, it is advisable to consider brushing them thrice a day.

Maintain the haircut: As far as the wave process is concerned, haircuts are essential. Nevertheless, the haircuts ought to be done less frequently unlike when you do not have the waves. Based on how you want your hair to look like, consider doing haircuts after two-four weeks. Though your hair is likely to be longer than usual, it does not mean that the waves will become deeper. It is also important to ensure that the hairdresser knows what you want to achieve when you go to do haircuts.

Too much washing of hair should be avoided: This has already been mentioned. Nevertheless, as far as washing is concerned, less can be more. The hair can be rinsed as much as you may want, though using shampoo ought to be done once in a week. Moreover, the use of shampoo should be accompanied with good hair conditioners.


Though duration of waves appearing on your head varies based on the texture of your hair, you need to put much effort and time to get the best result. If you prepare your hair, use wave caps, and use appropriate maintenance techniques, you will definitely enjoy the result. You must also take time to learn the best haircuts that encourages to waves to appear very fast. Moreover, do not forget to have appropriate accessories, such as shampoo, a brush, wave caps, grease, and many more.

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