Teens’ Preferred Hairstyles: Mullet

One of the most recognizable haircuts from the 1980s is the mullet. Although this particular haircut, which is short in the front and long in the back, has been the subject of many jokes, it is currently making a comeback. With the mullet’s distinctive shape and carefree attitude, football players, artists, fashion icons, and even…


Know More About the Latest Fashion Trends

In recent times, it has been discovered that the “fitted” tee-shirt has been an enormous hit. Nowadays, people are very aware of their health and believe you only look good when you’re physically fit. In specific ways, society sends signs of peer pressure in which you must dress well to blend in with your peers….


The Most Popular Wig Trends of the Season

Wigs are back in fashion, and how! From celebs trying to rock the wig look to the public using them without shame, wigs have come a long way in the fashion world. It’s not just the variety of colors, hairstyles, and textures that they offer.  No, the real popularity of wigs lies in their flexibility…


Five Benefits of Choosing a Human Hair Wig

Human hair wigs are the most popular wigs because they are made with 100% Remy hair, which is natural-looking, silky-smooth, and pleasant to wear. They are also created with high-quality keratin, so you may treat them like your own hair. Heat-resistant and easily straightened, curled, cleaned, and restyled. Get 100 human hair headband wigs, lace…


Beginner`s Guide to Brazilian Hair:

 Women love changing their hairstyles every so often that is why you might have realized today, that the hair business is fast growing. Gone are the days when we would struggle with the short, thin or poor color of our hair. Today, you could have one hair this minute and a completely different one the next. In…

Hair Care

The Consequences of Towel-Drying Your Hair

Is there anything more frustrating than a bad hair day? What about when those days turn to weeks? If you’ve been slathering your hair with new products and looking for a solution to your disappointing locks- there’s one thing you may not have thought of: your towel.  Is drying your hair with a towel bad?…